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The 2014 Honda Odyssey is for those who….

2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite 1. families or businesses on the go that need technology, safety and fuel efficiency to work for them - not the other way around

2.  appreciate new features like vacuum cleaners installed right in the back of the van and BOTH doors that automatically slide

3.  are master multi-taskers and need a vehicle just as smart

4.  make road trips fun and can pack a lot into a smooth vehicle

5.  get little downtime and are always on the go so when they are spending hours in their vehicle – it has to be comfortable all the time



The 2014 Honda Civic is for those who…

1.  want either two or four door sedan – it comes in both

2.  want to reap the rewards of having an ECON button and saving a ton on gas

3.  are families on the go

4.  are busy professionals or students on a budget

5. understand this is the best selling vehicle in the country for the past 16 years running!



The 2014 Honda CR-V is for those who…

1. love the feel of a compact car and need a sport utility vehicle

2. need innovative space saving storage solutions

3.  love being in the great outdoors

4.  are new parents or business owners or even students

5.  need to always move people and items around from soccer games to event set up






We Have A Winner – Get Fit Contest

For the past few months our Surrey Honda promo team has been touring all over in a new Honda Fit.  We visited each She’s Fit and Trevor Linden Club 16 location where new members and referrals were given the chance to get fit and win big.  Thousands of entries later, GM Nasir Kamrudin and Trevor Linden picked a winner (see video below).  Amy Colwell is a member of the She’s Fit in Fleetwood and was the winner of a brand new Honda Fit.  Thanks to everyone who attended our event.  Congrats Amy.

Click here to watch some funny moments from the draw :Get Fit Contest Winner


Tips for Test Driving New or Honda Certified Used Vehicles

civic_2013_insideComing in for a test drive, here are a few things to consider when you come visit us.  Feeling exciting when purchasing a new or used vehicle is normal but take a few minutes with each vehicle and think of the following:
1. Notice the seats.  Are they comfy seats that contour to your body for those long commutes.  On average, it is estimated we spend 10 to 15 hours a week driving so comfort is very important.
2. Are the buttons on the dashboard and/or steering wheel well placed and safe to use.  Too many buttons can be a big distraction.  Newer model Hondas come with controls built right into the steering wheel.
3. See if you can test the Bluetooth – wireless for phone calling.  Sometimes you even have to use the sales person’s connecting phone to a vehicle.  Especially if you plan to use your phone, hands free, when driving.
4. Hondas are designed for eliminating blind spots – adjust all mirrors as you would on a normal day.  It only takes a few seconds.
5. Think about all the things you do year round – which Honda fits the picture best? Work, camping, events, kids, group outings, are you moving soon, trips to the airport etc.  Spacious Honda Fit to the built in vacuum feature in our brand new Odyssey van – there are Hondas to suit any and every lifestyle and your budget too.

Ask questions about everything and know the owner’s manual is a good read too.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

5 Reasons to Give a Honda for Christmas

christmas2013Any Honda is a great gift to wrap, put in the garage and drive up on Christmas day.  Trust us, we’ve seen the videos online of all the car gifts given around the world – best reactions ever!  Go ahead, go online and check it out.  If that’s not enough, here are 5 reasons why you should give the gift of a Honda this holiday season.

  1. A gift that will last for years – just like jewelry.  Think of all the great gifts you’ve given or received over the years.  They all have one thing in common – there is a story behind, a milestone and heart.  When you give the gift of a Honda – you give piece of mind, safety and a lot of love on wheels.
  2. Look at payments on a monthly or biweekly basis vs. one big price tag.  Yes, it’s a big ticket purchase but you can lease/buy at low rates right now and have the option to make payments every two weeks, some under $100.  This makes it more manageable and easier on the wallet/purse.
  3. Purchase perks this time of year can mean – double the gifts like headphones or trips.  Look for perks like gifts with purchase – trips, expensive tech toys – keep the present for yourself and for another person on your list.
  4. It’s a gift everyone in your family/life will enjoy.  Running a business, a household IayishaKahn3or going out on the town.  Safety, performance and Honda reliability will be with for years to come including 24 hour roadside assistance with most new vehicles.
  5. The fun you can have setting up the surprise!  Think about  getting a key to a new car in a little box and running outside to see a  brand new or Honda certified car for you or for a loved one.  It is one gift that will be talked about for years to come.  What did you do for Christmas?  Imagine all the great responses and stories.

 TIP: Just make sure you capture it on camera and share the surprise with us!